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Release : Januari 2017


Festival PesonaBupolo is one of the series of annual events on the agenda of the national scale in the Ministry of Tourism of Republic Indonesia. There are many tourism spots that could be enjoyed in Bupolo, Festival pesonaBupolo itself is an event in a seriespromotion programs that have made by the governments for preparing Rana lake as an future tourism icon in Buru island. The variety of events that will give among other social events with the community, the release of 1000 saplings of turtles (teteruga), Tour to Rana Lake, Moluccas cycling the jikumerasa, disiplay underwater pictures, the transplantation of coral reefs, the festival papedawith yellow gravy, festival of kites - kites, parade damangfafu drums, eatingpatita (a record breaking MURI), Gosepa Sail on Kaiely Bay

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